Why Sponsor & Exhibit

Women in Tech. Fest is not your average conference where attendees sit, listen, learn and leave after 1 day.

Over three days, Women in Tech. Fest 2019 offers an immersive platform for current and future leaders in tech and ICT across all industries to connect, bond, share knowledge and experience and walk away more empowered and driven than when they arrived.

This is a unique opportunity to engage on multiple levels – both professionally and personally with an incredibly influential group of women who are passionate about what they do.

We’re not just offering an opportunity to bring pop-up banners and giveaway pens – we’re offering the chance to connect, build relationships and gain trust in a meaningful way, through thought leadership, interactive product demonstrations, alternative branding and activities (think yoga classes, tea or cocktail tasting, site visits, dinners, drinks…) and in depth learning sessions and champagne roundtables.

If you are a supplier of technology solutions, leadership / management training, recruitment solutions and more for our powerful group of women, speak to our sales and marketing strategist Nischal today about how you can get involved.

Please contact Damien on damieny@questevents.com.au or call +61 (0)2 8188 7513.