Day One Wednesday November 11

Opening remarks from the Chair

Gunjan Allen 
Board Director and Secretary
Women in Technology

Digital product and innovation: How technology is helping build a better ABC

Enabling the transition of the ABC from a traditional broadcaster to the nation's most trusted and valued digital content provider * Prioritising a digital future to respond to audience demands for content that appeals to their lifestyle, interests and behaviours

Helen Clifton
Chief Digital and Information Officer
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

International ONE-ON-ONE: A view from the CIO’s office: Working towards the creation of a long-term career in IT

Angela will share insights and strategies from her broad career in IT. With a passion for people management and future technologies, be inspired by her journey and the leadership lessons she has learned along the way.


Angela Nash
Chief Information and Technology Officer 
New Zealand Rugby

Gunjan Allen
Board Director and Secretary
Women in Technology

What I wish I knew: building resilience and delivering inspiring leadership in the tech landscape
  • Understanding the top three lessons to overcoming fear of failure and doing it anyway
  • Highlighting the importance of knowing your worth and how to push imposter syndrome aside
  • Prioritising learning over the need to look smart; don’t just act smart, be smart

Danielle Owen Whitford 
Founder and Chief Executive Officer 

Being the change you want to see
  • Outlining a roadmap to develop your career in a rapidly changing digital work arena
  • Setting out to change the world; overcoming the challenges along the way and following your passion wherever it may lead
  • Playing to your strengths; leaning into your natural talents while working to develop and overcome areas of uncertainty

Carmen Rusman 
Head of Technology – Strategic Sourcing 
Wesfarmers Industrial & Safety

Drawing on all facets of your skills base to establish yourself as a leader
  • Understanding how digital technology has forever altered the way we interact and what this means for the future of leadership
  • Goal setting isn’t just for kids: Highlighting how setting goals to clearly define the next big stepping stones for both your work and personal achievements drives you towards success
  • Committing to developing an achievable work/life balance both for you and your team

Lisa Hilton
Head of Technology 
QBE Insurance

Live One-on-One with Professor Nareen Young Professor, Indigenous Policy (Indigenous Workforce Diversity), Jumbunna Institute, UTS Sydney
Nareen is one of the most awarded and respected diversity practitioners, thinkers and influencers in Australia. She joins us to discuss her leadership journey, the unexpected challenges along the way and the importance of resilience and drive.

Gunjan Allen 
Board Director and Secretary
Women in Technology

Special Guest:

Professor Nareen Young
Professor, Indigenous Policy (Indigenous Workforce Diversity), Jumbunna Institute 
UTS Sydney
Panel Discussion: Ensuring diversity in thought and experience is a part of your digital landscape

With technology changing faster than ever before, specialist skillsets are rapidly changing to more generalised knowledge, allowing for a more diverse field of talent to choose from when it comes to filling roles in the digital space.

  • Where are we at with developing a roadmap to enhance our diversity practices when it comes to employment and advancement opportunities?
  • Where is the tech space falling short on diversity initiatives?
  • How does the tech industry proactively stop the churn rate for women?
  • What role does diversity of thought play in developing cutting-edge innovations to improve existing products?

Fresia Segovia

Chief Information Officer 
Georges River Council

Ingrid McAlpin

Chief Digital & Information Officer
Wollongong City Council

William Payne
Chief Digital Officer

Emma Jones 
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Project F

Abishek Singh
Chief Information Officer 
UNICEF Australia

Ronnie Altit
Chief Executive Officer

Virtual Roundtables

Join our virtual breakout rooms for a 2-way deep dive into the topic that means the most to you. Choose 2 out of 3, 30 minutes roundtables. BYO bubbles optional!

1. Entrepreneurs to the front

Jo Burston
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Inspiring Rare Birds

2. Enhancing your career in technology while making a positive social impact

Fiona Boyd 
Chief Executive Officer 

3. Technology and its role in developing exceptional customer experiences

Gunjan Allen
Board Director and Secretary
Women in Technology

4. Health Through the consumer lens: Technology entrepreneurship in eHealth

Maree Beare
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

5a. 13:00 - 13:30 How Data and Automation enhance the user and customer experience

Julia Frayman
Territory Manager – Government & Public Service

5b. 13:30 – 14:00 Predicting the future of data capture and analysis

Elizabeth Watson
Vice President, International Delivery

6. Creating and maintaining an outstanding corporate culture
Ronnie Altit

Chief Executive Officer 

Closing remarks from the chair and close of day 1