Key Themes:

Developing technical and leadership skills

  • Building the skills you need to become an effective leader in tech
  • Leading through technical expertise by balancing technical proficiency with leadership skills
  • Developing often overlooked skills you need for your tech career

Discovering, implementing and maximising the benefits of emerging technology

  • Maximising tech in the workplace while navigating the disruption and risk
  • What the latest international tech trends mean for Australian businesses & people in tech
  • Utilising tech to improve customer engagement and drive growth
  • Revolutionising customer engagement through immersive tech experiences
  • Seamlessly integrating new tech to align with business goals & objectives

Unleashing the benefits of diversity

  • Creating a diverse and more productive workplace through leadership, policies & collaboration
  • Creating an inclusive future and a fairer, more functional workplace

Leveraging AI to improve your effectiveness and elevate your organisation

  • Securing a competitive advantage by evaluating, implementing or updating your generative AI strategy
  • Balancing AI’s many opportunities with the emerging risks
  • Dissecting the dangers of deepfakes and their impact on reputation

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