The Big Idea

The demand for tech and ICT skills is expected to continually increase over the coming years and Australia’s ability to meet this demand will be vital for its innovation and productivity.

Add to this the fact that tech still has a diversity issue and women in this industry face both challenge and opportunity.

“[Gender inequality] should shame us all in the 21st century because it is not only unacceptable, it is stupid”- UN Chief Antonio Guterres

Gender pay gaps, visibility, imposter syndrome, VC funding, the ‘broken rung’ are all very real issues in a traditionally male-dominated tech world, but It’s thankfully now more universally acknowledged that gender diversity enhances an organisation’s success and competitiveness.

The 5th annual Women in Tech Fest brings together remarkable women, and male champions of change, to keep pushing, innovating and driving the future of tech so that this doesn’t have to be a conversation we’re still having in the next decade. Providing an authentic platform for female tech and ICT stakeholders to share their experiences, insights, stories and best practices and get inspired and build the foundations for better outcomes for their teams and personal careers.

“A conference designed to showcase the impact women are having ON technology. Technology made better by women. I really appreciated the way in which the presentations were told, stories with personal insights to share with us and suggestions on how to improve. This was a real highlight and different to most conferences I've attended was how good the story telling was.” Justin Hutchens, Manager OT Operations Hosting, BHP

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